Answers and Coicindences.

Black and White was my 3rd book. It was published on November 29, 2018. It recently placed as a finalist in the International Book Awards Contest for 2020 in the fiction genre.

Black and White still remains one of my favorite books so far. And I’ll tell you why.

It asks and talks about very deep questions. Like when are we going to die? Is there such thing as fate and destiny? If so, what about free will? I want to talk about one of the lines in there specifically.

“While Monica sat in disbelief, she had little to say. All the little signs and hidden messages scattered throughout her life started to have meaning. The button, the funny feeling about me, and now the Winston connection. Instead of asking questions, she let me continue the story. Maybe she realized an answer found is better than an answer told.”

“Maybe she realized an answer found is better than an answer told.”

What did this mean?

I think what I was trying to say here is a universal truth but often disguises itself as a paradox. And that’s that things that happen in our life FIND US. Not the other way around. THINGS FIND US. Or at a minimum we find each other. But we often believe that things are happenstance. And that we have no control over our lives. I find the world to be quite the opposite. These things are attracted to us in some form or mechanism that nobody can quite name properly yet. I think the closest definition is manifestation or the law of attraction.

So, all these things that were happening to Monica. All these “coincidences” were much more than that. They were parts of her past finding her in the present. And if you’re interested in “coincidences” or “synchronicities”, check out this article.

Have you ever had a synchronicity happen to you? On my next blog post, I’m going to tell you about a coincidence that happened to me. It happened just after I finished this book. I’ll let you decide if it was “just happenstance” or “pure coincidence”.

I hope you enjoyed Black and White and this blog as well. Thank you again for your support and interest. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Medium. Or visit my website for products and more information.

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