A coincidence so poweful

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This happened in Nov of 2019. Black and White had already been out since Nov of 2018. Right around a year. But it was on my mind quite a bit because I had decided to enter some book contests. I wanted to finally overcome my fear and test my worth out there. I wanted to be judged. I wanted to sink or swim.

But before I could enter the contests, I had to figure out which book. They can be expensive so I decided to go with 3 contests with one book instead of 1 contest with 3 books.

I took a long hard look at my collection. At that time, my selection consisted of The Jungle Within, Memoirs of a Crazy, or Black and White. I went with Black and White. I felt that Black and White was special in the way that it made me think about coincidences and if they really do meaning something. Also, it was my latest. So maybe it was strongest by default.

So, back to November of 2019. I was still nervous about entering contests, I was procrastinating. Internally, I knew the deadline was approaching and I was SO full of doubt, it isn’t even funny. But I looked back on my selection of Black and White and moved forward. Fear and all. The theme of the book was “no accidents”. What better a way to test it out?

The day I was to mail the books to the contests, I was a bit off. Still nervous. But by the time I got to the post office I was dreading the worst. Just in a bad frame of mind that day. I dropped them off quickly and left.

After the post office I was out running some errands. I had a meeting I had to get back to and was cutting it a tad close. As I was driving a decent pace and in a hurry, not to mention in an awful frame of mind, the universe reminded me just how easy it is to make a miracle.

There, in front of my fast driving, I was cut off by a car. Just as I wanted to yell at him while in my rotten mood, I did a double take at the license plate. It caught my eye. It was a vanity plate. It was from Alaska. I live in New Mexico. Not exactly close. Want to know what it said?


Ray Barnes is the main character in Black and White. The same book that was on my mind all week. The same one I doubted. The universe gave me a sign. It told me not to worry. At least that’s how I interpret a coincidence so powerful it changed my entire view of the world in a positive way. It told me that something is out there looking out for me. Proof.

2 months ago I, out of the blue I received an email from the International Book Award. I was congratulated on Black and White having placed as a finalist.

“There are no such thing accidents”

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